Monday, 7 March 2016

Small Boobed Insecurities

Somewhat a week ago my boyfriend told me about his preference of bigger boobs. He literally told me "I think I like boobs a little bit bigger, not like huge, but natural."
Thinking about it, what the hell is natural? This is natural.
Anyways, it hurt me deep, and it is unnecessary to say that my self esteem went from the skies to hell, in less than a day.
I must admit that for about a year I've based my self esteem on whatever he tells me. Before knowing him I had bad depression issues, and now, even though I thought I had overgrown them... I discovered I haven't.
And yes, all of this is about the amount of fat on my chest.
Some may think I'm exaggerating, however: I'm not.
Anyone who has self esteem issues will understand me, whether it is about a scar, or teeth, or even a fingernail... everything is big. And no, you don't have to feel guilty for feeling things about your body, or making a huge mess about a little thing. If it affects you, it is important, no matter what anyone else says.
Back to the thing, I've been looking all around literally the same question: "how to accept my small boobs?" What.
I mean, it's obvious the fact that I haven't found anything that makes me say "WOWIE, BOY. YES TO SMALL BOOBS." (without considering those beautiful pictures of beautiful women who actually look gorgeous with small boobs. Dayum, those girls.)
I'm still working on it, and I hope someday (hopefully soon), I'll be able to say again how much my boobies make me happy.
So far, I believe they're useful (or at least they're not a pain in the back), so that's that.
Hopefully sooner rather than later, there'll be a post about my love for small boobs and how I'm glad my body decided to not archive fat on the "right" places.
Till that, the Boobie Journey follows on, and more discoverings will be recorded.
Have a good night.

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