Saturday, 20 December 2014

Benny's Little Game

Little Game by Benny

I really recommend taking a look at this video. With a sticky tone and meaningful lyrics, I consider this a piece of art. Take a look!

Friday, 19 December 2014

How To Read More | A Very Useless Tutorial

The last book-related update I did was (about) 5 months ago. School's hard kids.
Having a blog in which books are the main topic, it should be a priority for your humble servant to read as much as possible; however, having entered a new school, and having a –brand new– boyfriend to almost take care of, it's hard.
This is not even a tutorial, this entry is about what I've been up to the last few months and how things will go on for us all here in Lorellas.
I started a new school this August (2014), and I had to adapt to these new schedules and horrifying hours... You see,
Wake up: 6 am (Who the Santa Claus wakes up at that hour?)  (Spoiler, me, everyfreaking day.)
Start school: 7 am
End school: 3 pm
Eat: 3:30/4 pm
Homework: Evenly distributed throughout the day cause I have nothing else to do, except for going to the gym, which I don't.
Dinner: 8 pm
Sleep: AT MOST 10 pm
You know, I had to really change stuff in my life just to be able to keep up with these times. I gave up breakfast and sometimes Lunch time so I could focus on other things.
HOWEVER! December is here and I've got plenty of time to catch up with my 2014 planned reads and create more entries for y'all.
Hope somebody's still there, and if you are: Thank you.
Lots of love,