Monday, 14 July 2014

Writer's Block

I feel like there must be a post about writer's block on every blog: we're all humans.
I consider myself an amateur on everything that has to do with blogging, I constantly click around several blogs trying to find inspiration... which comes out as a failure most of the time.
I'd love to tell you guys about my makeup, but there's nothing that I'd write (left out, read) about it; about my bookshelf, although I can't write a review that hasn't been written already. What's left? Clothes? Pets? Movies?

Man, this writing thing is waaaay harder than it looks. Like everything.
What to talk about, what to talk about...

As any other blog has told me, the antidote for writer's block is: go out! Have fun! Blah blah blah. No time, no time for fun when you've gone for seven days without writing a thing.
So here I am, readers, writing down my frustration while resting on my bed, one dog at my feet, one dog eating by my side. Yelling "Bless you!" across the house towards my dad –who's probably having another sneezing attack.

There you go, boom, blog post done. Now that I've written some stuff down, let some much more out: it's time to write a real post.

That's my advice for this time: let. it. out.
Even if it turns out like this post did (merde), it'll probably warm you up enough to type some good words down.

Good luck!

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