Friday, 25 July 2014

MES EXCUSES: Viruses In My Throat

No, lovely reader, I don't speak french, I had to google that.
My apologies to you all because I haven't posted anything the past week, and I kind of have a good reason...
(Imagine the "aliens" guy saying that.)
On Tuesday morning I woke up feeling like it was going to be a terrible, terrible day. Wow, and was it a bad day. After I went home it all went downhill. Down, down below. So I was eating with my dad and I started tearing up, like some wild dog had started munching up my leg.
The moment you cry for no real reason, that's the moment you should get worried. Less than an hour later I was spread on my parent's bed, crying for help. Turns out I had a severe fever and some kind of virus... through the next two and a half days I received three very painful injections.
Now I'm fine, resting besides two dogs who just came out from the vet, one with stitches and bright teeth; the other with bright(-er) teeth. But that's another story.

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