Saturday, 19 July 2014

FIRST IMPRESSION: Saeculum by Ursula Po––something...

First of all, I'm sorry, that last name is way too much for my vocabulary. Sorry, I'm ignorant. Poznanski. There you go.

The reason I picked this book.
It was lonely, in a corner behind stacks and stacks of books. It looked kind of inviting and lethal over there. Staring at me. Okay, pick it. 
Its font looks sinister to me, and the black and white overall colors just look different to me. I believe this was a well-thought decision, I am really interested in how the content will relate to the cover. 
Other things.
The weight: I usually read books on my Kindle, so I'm not used to having a heavy book... but now that I feel one, once again, it just made me feel excited!
Book edges: Its edges are black, and it made me feel so intrigued. 

First page: Okay, I need a moment. Look at it! It is so creepy! The first sentence is: "Oh my god, so much blood!" Tell me this isn't interesting. Look at the font! Look at the style! 

Damn you, editors, you sure have made some good and interesting choices for Saeculum... this better be awesome. 
I am so looking forward to starting this book! 

Have you guys read a book that looked as cool, although was pure... poop? Tell me in the comments!

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  1. oh. my. goodness. this book looks beautiful!!!! i can't wait to read your review!!