Thursday, 17 July 2014

eBooks, Real Books And Why I Have To Write This Post

(credit for this picture: daily kos)

I consider myself a book lover, although I don't have an impressive bookshelf like almost every book-eater has. No, for about two years I've been a proud owner of a Kindle Paperwhite (my baby), and so, my bookshelf has slowed its growing.
For those who don't know, I spent a year studying in NY, therefore I had to travel back and forth, from the States to Mexico, and back. And no, thanks to my baby I didn't have to cease my reading rate.
Contrary to my beliefs, I've read several people complaining about eReaders. Why? Because they constantly need to be charged. Because they can break. Because they're simply not the same as real books. 
Ebooks and eReaders are continually being slut-shamed (yes, I used that word) for no real reasons at all, as you can see.
Some people have compared eReaders and Books to CDs and iPods, arguing that people tend to create some affective connection with physical things, rather than with digital stuff, which is almost always more convenient.
Being digital, the books, of course, are weightless and volume-less, but they also lack some of the best things about real books, such as the texture of the pages or the smell of a new book.
I love my baby as much as I love any other real book, but lately I've wanted to return to my old bookstores and make a colossal book haul.
Here are some CONS and PROS I've discovered with time using my Kindle...


  • Easy to take anywhere. 
  • Easy to handle.
  • You can take your entire bookshelf with you. 
  • (some covers are sO CUTE.)
  • In-built dictionary (which is EXTREMELY handy!)
  • MOST books are really cheap, some are even free. 
  • You can take notes without damaging permanently your books. 
  • The battery is really long, so basically you don't have to charge it more than twice a month. 


  • It's never going to feel like a real book. 
  • You can only unbox once. 
  • Your bookshelf stops growing (and it hurts). 
  • The battery may die in the best part of the book. 
  • You can't lend books. 

As you can tell, I'm on the side of eBooks, if there is even a side. I love technology, and anything that has to do with it. I love Sci-fi books and I can enjoy them while feeling I am in the future because of my Kindle (yes, I went there). 
I don't see why there has to be shaming in any kind of books, not if they're pdfs, nor in eReaders, nor in physical form. Why don't we just love each other, and the book we all read? Like with everything else, I think you need to find a balance between paperbacks and eReaders.

And as my final argument, I'm going to start reading White Hot Kiss, and, sorry Jennifer L. Armentrout, but that is not a cover I want to be seen holding in public. 

What do you think, any other cons or pros I should add to my list? And.. how do you feel  about White Hot Kiss's cover? 

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