Saturday, 5 July 2014

Apps I Wake Up To In My iPad

About a year ago I got my first iPad. A big, white, piece of electronics that got the name of Shade (don't ask me why, I can't remember). Man, have I wanted an iPad! Apart from seeing it everywhere on Tumblr and Youtube, it seemed to be an amazing thing! It is like the future, isn't it? Like, something that would appear on the Stark Trek films. It was so exciting when I first got it as a gift from my new school. After some time I decided that, except for Netflix, the iPad was a complete waste of money.
A larger iPhone, yes, that's how I used to call it. Basically that's what it is, and it took me a long time before I discovered that it is its large-ness that made it so cool and popular. Some weeks after I had this revelation I learned how I could use it everyday and stop regretting not-having-sold-it-when-it-was-popular.

Of course the first app that opened my eyes was Bloglovin', and for anyone who hasn't heard of it and is reading this blog post... congratulations! You've managed to follow a blog manually! Wow! So cool! Okay I will stop it now. The thing about Bloglovin' is that it allows you to follow any blog you like (even a Tumblr blog –although it is not recommended... by me...) and have every post available for you, and your sweet morning tea, to check on– in only one dashboard. Call me antique but –raises finger– IN MY TIMES WE DIDN'T HAVE THIS KIND OF TECHNOLOGY! Coming back to the iPad subject, Bloglovin's app is wonderful. It is simple and easy to use, it lets you go from one post to another just by swiping your finger across the screen, and it also lets you follow new blogs (apart from all the other amazing things that I won't mention).
As you may not know, my summer has been... quite boring. Since I came back from New York I've been here for two weeks, wanting to hang out but having way too little actual desire to leave my house: what the Troy Bolton, weather? (Sorry, result of recently stalking him on IG.) It's been raining everyday, almost every hour, since I came back. Not good for my social life, nope. However, one thing that keeps me from sleeping all day long is this app. Everyday I wake up to check out what my favorite bloggers have been posting recently. Any better way to wake up? Nope, although Niall Horan standing at my door with a pack of puppies would be nice, let's admit it, it's not going to happen (yet).

Another app that I've been loving recently is Pinterest. Its excellent app brightens my morning and inspires me every day. By scrolling down some people's pins I've found out about some really cool hair-do's I'll be trying... WHEN THE SKY CLEARS UP! Also, since back to school time is coming, I like to keep excited (and stay away from nervousness as I am going to a new school) by searching school organizing tips and school supplies that I'll be wanting in my backpack– which I've also been looking for. In Pinterest you can find almost everything, as long as you type in the correct words. One thing that I love about it is that it allows you to look for several tags at once, a feature that I've been wanting in Tumblr for a-long time.

Third, of course, has to be Youtube. I hope this app doesn't need any explanation... if it does: bro, what are you doing with your life? I literally can spend hours going around youtube, yes I'm one of those who, rather quick, end up in the weird side of youtube. But I enjoy myself, so why not! If you had me as a Facebook friend you'd find lots and lots of links to random youtube videos in my profile page. Also, I follow lots of beauty gurus and other (usually british) people, so it's become a routine to wake up and open youtube to see if some of my fav gurus has uploaded any new video. Usually I'm not disappointed, no.

Moving on towards the last app I use the most is Netflix, and why not, it has most of my favorite tv shows and it's the BEST INVENTION EVER! I'm not joking, it is. Probably not but yeah.

Those were the apps I love to wake up to, however, if you know of any app that I seriously should be using leave it in the comments!

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