Monday, 30 June 2014

FIVE Books Series That Have Won A Place In My ~heart~

Cleaning up my bookshelf I found some books I enjoyed reading when I was younger, books that have created a special place in my heart, books that are in my bookshelf to stay.
From all those I decided to choose five book series which I have fallen in love with and I'm planning to read again soon.

5. The Fionavar Tapestry

I read The Fionavar Tapestry for the first time in spanish, and man, what a story. I still wonder why Guy Gavriel Kay's story isn't as famous as other author's. Anyways, lets get to the synopsis I've taken from Goodreads:
"Five men and women find themselves flung into the magical land of Fionavar, First of all Worlds. They have been called there by the mage Loren Silvercloak, and quickly find themselves drawn into the complex tapestry of events. For Kim, Paul, Kevin, Jennifer and Dave all have their own part to play in the coming battle against the forces of evil led by the fallen god Rakoth Maugrim and his dark hordes."
This amazing book series narrates the story of young adults while they discover the incredible land of Fionavar. You all should read The Fionavar Tapestry –and I'm not saying this only because I wish I could join a fanbase.

4. Junie B. Jones

These were some of the first books I read in english. I remember that in trips I used to take about five of these and read them all throughout the flight. Luckily, for my mom's shoulder, they're light and small.
Basically, Junie B. Jones' series is about a five-or-six year old girl who goes through personal and social problems. The series follows Junie as she goes from kindergarten to first grade. I recommend this series for kids, however some parent's may disagree with me due to Junie's grammar mistakes (often describing something as her "beautifuller"). As for myself, Junie B. Jones helped me dive into the english literature and for that she gets the 4th place in my list. JUNIE! YOU ARE MY FAVORITEST!

3. Molly Moon 

Okay, it's hard for me to explain how much I love these series. Any other kid has dreamt of having amazing super powers, like hypnosis, time traveling or (in case of Molly Moon AND) mind reading? Yes, no? Who am I kidding, ever since I can remember, I've always wanted to be like Molly Moon. (Psst! I even named my journal Petula!) As much as I know, I still lack of one book from the Molly Moon series, and, boy, have I looked for it. My kids will be reading these books, as soon as... as I have a kid and as soon as this kid we're talking about learns to read.

2. The Mistmantle Chronicles

It was hard for me choosing which of these last two would get the second place. Both of these last series are amazing and worth-reading. Mistmantle may seem as a children's book (yes, Urchin, the protagonist, is a squirrel, get over it.), but, man, has this series taught me something! Also, it contains a lot of... non-children content. I remember being a little scared at night because of... someone's pact with dark forces. Or being inspired by... someone's loyalty and honor. I can't say a lot, but I recommend this series to everyone, from kids to teens. Again, I need a fandom for this Chronicles. Soon. (Pd. Look at the amazing art work! Look at it!)

1. Chronicles Of The Tower

Finally, we've arrived to the first-est in the list! Chronicles Of The Tower are and probably will always be my favorite book series ever! Not only because Kai was my first book-crush, but also because its story is UH-MAZING! It's hard for me to explain how much I love this book series and how MUCH I want to read it again soon! Its cover's artwork is beautifully done, as well as some extra surprises inside. I recommend this book to absolutely EVERYONE! Laura Gallego is my favorite author ever, and, let me say, you won't be let down. Next, a very brief synopsis.
The story is about Dana and her invisible-for-everyone-except-herself friend, Kai. She lives in a farm and is constantly bothered by other kids for talking alone (or actually, with Kai). Soon the Master arrives and asks for her presence in the Tower. Dana will discover that the Tower is much more than it seems, that Fenris, the elf, and Master, both have a dark and hidden past. Oh, and the Valley they live in has a powerful curse.

All of these books have gained a first-line place in my bookshelf, and my younger self and I agree that these series are all amazing and worth reading!